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Meet other LGBTQ young people (13-19) in a safe space


Fun social activities


Activities and discussions specific to your needs


Confidential* support

(see end of this page for explanation of confidentiality)

Here are some simple descriptions of what the L, G, B, T, and Q stand for. You can find useful sites with more information on our Resources page.


Lesbian: A person of female gender who fancies other females.


Gay: A person of male gender who fancies other males. This term is now also often used by lesbians.


Bisexual: A person who fancies people of their own gender as well as another gender.


Transgender: A person who identifies as a different gender to the one they were given at birth. This is an identity word which does not necessarily describe someone's biology and is independent of sexual orientation. Trans is an umbrella term for people who are transgender,  non-binary (don't identify entirely as male or female) or other gender variant description.


Questioning: It can be really confusing trying to place yourself in categories and it's totally ok to be unsure! Questioning describes the process of exploring one’s own sexual orientation or      gender identity.

The groups meet every week for 2 and a half hours.


Examples of things we do together are:

   Artsy and creative stuff



   Trips out and involvement in Prides


We also chat about all sorts of things, from relationships, managing feelings and self care to getting on at school and home, as well as random things that come up.


You can also speak to a youth worker privately if you would like to.


We don't publish the locations of the groups online to maintain privacy for those attending. Simply get in touch to find out exactly where we meet.


If you would struggle to make it to either of these groups due to transport problems, please contact us about this and we can see if there is something we can do to help.


We respect your privacy and do not "out" people. Your attendance and participation in the group is confidential. That means we won't tell your parents / carers / teachers about your attendance at an LGBTQ youth group or what has been said or done at the group.


HOWEVER, if we think that you or someone else is at serious risk of harm we may need to break confidentiality. This is extremely rare and we would always try to talk to you about it first.


Please talk to us if you are concerned about how we manage your confidentiality



Bisexual Female Bisexual Male Gay Lesbian Questioning Transgender

"Coming to this group has given me confidence in myself and allowed me to express myself in a way a feel comfortable without being judged"

"Now I have many LGBT friends who I have met here.... The group offers a safe environment to socialise with other LGBT youth members."


"I’ve learned so much from our group discussions and have had so many laughs and have gotten so many more opportunities to get involved in a lot more things "