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X-Plore provide a supportive youth group for young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender, or who are questioning their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.


If you are a parent or carer of a young person who has disclosed this to you, please be honoured - it's not an easy thing to tell.


Finding out that your child is not "straight", is transgender, or is questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity can bring up a host of different emotions and it can be really helpful to hear from others who have been through similar experiences. There are both local and national groups and there is lots of information and support for parents and carers online. Please see our Resources Page for further information.

We provide age-appropriate social and educational activities and support during our groups. Activities vary according to the needs and preferences of the group at the time - sometimes it's just about having fun together, sometimes it's educational, sometimes it's about not feeling alone in the challenges young people can encounter.


We take the safety and security of young people very seriously. Our group is facilitated by professional youth workers supplied by the Devon Youth Service, Space. This means that we follow Space safeguarding and safety procedures and that all workers and volunteers are trained and DBS checked.


We maintain confidentiality within professional boundaries. That means that we do not tell parents / carers / teachers about a young peson's participation in the group. However, we will breach confidentiality where we judge there to be a risk of harm to the young person (or someone else).


Please do contact us if you would like further information or have specific questions. If you are interested in supporting us to continue our work, please find out ways you can help.